As a grassroots organization, we accept the support of our community by cash donations, in-kind donations, donations of your time, and becoming an organizer! Any one of these donations helps us become a stable center for local food security.

Donating Money

As an all-volunteer organization, it doesn’t take much money to run FGS, but we do rely on maintaining a constant stream of donations to continue our work. It takes about $100 to provide food for 80-90 households.

The easiest way to donate money to us is through our Action Network. Our Action Network is managed by the Alachua County Labor Coalition, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As such, your donations through Action Network are tax-deductible.

You may also write a check to the Bread of the Mighty (write in the memo “Civic Media Center”) to add credit to our account! These donations are also tax-deductible and incur no transaction fee deductions.

We encourage you to check out our Events page or our Instagram to see if any fundraisers are coming up. As we mature as an organization, we will add other methods of donation such as Venmo, CashApp, Paypal, checks, and more!

Note: we are a not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Florida and are currently applying for 501(c)3 status.

Donating Food

We also accept in-kind donations of food at the Civic Media Center every Sunday from 11 am-12 pm, and every Tuesday from 2-5 pm. On good weather days, feel free to drop off food in the courtyard, but please text us if you’ve left food so that we know and can bring it inside.

Guidelines for what we can and prefer to accept are as follows:

  • Packaged food
    • Must be unopened and unexpired
    • We look for gluten-free products, vegan substitutes, and canned or dry protein sources!
  • Fruits and vegetables
    • Must not be moldy or severely damaged
    • We welcome farm or garden-fresh vegetables!
  • Eggs
    • We cannot accept farm-fresh eggs due to food safety guidelines
  • Prepared food
    • We cannot accept fresh/homemade prepared food

If you’d like to run a food drive on our behalf, please contact us in advance via email, Instagram DM, or telephone!